Seiki U Vision 4K Ultra HD Up Conversion HDMI Cable With Built In UHD 4k Chip

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The Seiki U-VISION cable creates a new market in 4K HDMI video accessories. U-VISION is a High Speed HDMI cable capable of handling the high bandwidth required for 4K Ultra HD support and also features active 4K video processing embedded inside the cable. The embedded low-power video processor enhances and up-converts video passing through the cable to 4K in compliance with HDMI specifications delivering a near native 4K video experience. The U-VISION cable features Marseille’s VTV-1222 processor to perform the up-conversion. In addition, Technicolor (the most trusted name in post-production and creative services for leading Hollywood studios) has certified the technology used in U-VISION to meet the rigorous standards of Technicolor’s “4K Image Certified” test suite. No need to wait for native 4K content! U-VISION is the perfect solution to accessorize existing HD/SD source devices like Blu-ray, streaming media, or DVD, to deliver high-quality 4K video directly to the TV’s input. The Marseille VTV-1222 processor used to perform the up-conversion has been Technicolor 4K Image Certified to deliver the highest quality up-converted images in 4K. U-VISION also supports HDMI High Definition Audio—for a full range of high definition audio types, including SACD, DVD-Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Dolby TrueHD.
Seiki U-VISION 4K HDMI CABLE KEY FEATURES Up-conversion of 720p24/25/30fps and 1080p24/25/30fps content to 4K24/25/30 with video enhancement
Up-conversion of 480/576p60 and 720p60 to 1080p60 with video enhancement
Gamers will love the improved look of anti-aliased graphics up-converted from 480p/720p60 to 1080p60 with contextual edge restoration
Cable audio/video latency is less than 1ms—perfect for gaming
Contextual detail enhancement and noise reduction to enhance video appearance
Contextual edge restoration of lines and curves for improved video, menus, and user interface Powered from any USB on TV or nearby A/V equipment
Technicolor 4K Image Certified for the highest quality HD to 4K viewing experience
Cable Facts:

Built in upscaling chip

It has a USB input on one end that plugs in to your TV to power it.
4k display for blu rays on PS3 and most blu ray players.
Upscales 720 to 1080p
Will upscale 1080p at 25 to 30hz to 4kUHD
Upscales 720p PlayStation games like GTA5 to 1080p 60hz
Upscales Laptop's and PC's to 4k (Must adjust Hz setting to under 30)
PC or Laptop can stream Youtube 4k
Working with Multi out splitters
will not upscale 1080p that is over 30hz to 4k
Does not appear to work with Multi In HDMI splitters
Plug the U-VISION USB power connector into the USB port of your 4K Display
Plug the U-VISION cable into your TV and source device with the processor end of the cable plugged into the TV’s HDMI port;
Turn off or minimized the Sharpness settings of the Display
Turn off Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation or similar function of the TV;
5) Enjoy beautiful 4K Ultra HD!

"The 6’ Seiki U-Vision HDMI Cable has a chip inside one of the elegant connector ends (the end with the USB power-insertion dongle) that not only “talks” to both the TV and the player in machine language but finds the suitable up-conversion frame refresh rate that maximizes image quality. I can honestly say that the cable actually created detail where none previously existed and made the movie look as if it were mastered in 4K. Apparently the chip does this by comparing one frame to the next and previous a one and literally fills in a ton of perfectly relevant information that is stunningly spot on. Since there’s a dearth of 4K programming available currently, if you happen to step up to a 4K screen you will definitely benefit from running movies through this remarkably affordable device that is worth every inexpensive penny.

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