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Would You Play Black Ops 4 Without Specialists

Specialists are nothing new to the Call of Duty series if you played a lot of Black Ops 3 or Infinite Warfare you know this. However, I do feel that in Black Ops 4 they have tried to make their specialists walk a line that makes them kind of between the heroes that Overwatch has and the Operators that Rainbow Six Siege has.

Best Light Machine Guns And Assault Rifles In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

I have been having a blast playing Black Ops 4. While I have been enjoying actually playing the game I have also had a lot of fun getting into the community more and delving deeper into the game. For example, I have found it very interesting looking at the stats for the different weapons in the game. I am more of a run and gun style player so I thought I would start by taking a look at the LMG’s and rifles that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has to offer.

Call of Duty 2019

Call of Duty 2019 I think that the Call of Duty series is on a real roll. Since Ghosts (which is one of my least favorite games in the series) Activision and the three development studios have been knocking it out of the park. Black Ops 3, Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, WW2 and Black Ops 4 have all been games that I have had a lot of fun with. We know that 2019 is once again Infinity Wards turn at the helm. Last time out they gave us Infinite Warfare which while it divided the fanbase

The Best Weapons In Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies

If you are like me then you have spent a ton of time already in Zombies mode in Black Ops IIII. So far I have been having the most fun with IX, but truth be told all of the maps are a lot of fun. There are so many guns in Zombies and it can be hard to know what ones to go for. I have picked poorly on many occasions, but today I am sharing with you guns that are great for mowing down the horde of the undead

What Sidearm Should You Use In Black Ops IIII

I know some folks who simply do not care about their sidearm in Call of Duty, but I have had my butt saved more than a few times by whipping out my sidearm. When my main ammo is gone and managing to pop off a few good shots can get me a kill or just give me a second to run away and get my bearings. Having the right sidearm can be very important and that is what we are looking at today.

Best SMG In Call of Duty Black Ops IIII

You cannot have a Call of Duty game without some kickass SMG’s. Well Call of Duty Black Ops IIII is no different. I love an SMG and feel that they are the kind of gun that is great if you are a run and gun style of player.Looking at the stats for these SMG’s was rather interesting as in all honesty it is not until you dive really deep into the stats that you see the small differences between each one.

The Best LMG's and Assault Rifles In Cod Black Ops 4

The Best LMG's and Assault Rifles In Cod Black Ops 4 I have been having a blast playing Black Ops 4. While I have been enjoying actually playing the game I have also had a lot of fun getting into the community more and delving deeper into the game. For example, I have found it very interesting looking at the stats for the different weapons in the game. I am more of a run and gun style player so I thought I would start by taking a look at the LMG s and rifles that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has to

Tips For Blackout Mode In Call of Duty Black Ops 4

Make a decision where you want to land before the match starts, have a few different places in mind and then as soon as you can make it, jump and get to the ground as quickly as possible. The faster you get to the ground the faster you can get a weapon. Do not screw around with your wing suit or you will land and struggle to find a weapon before another player finds you.

First Person Terror Doom 3

When Doom 3 was released on the original Xbox it was a day one buy for me. I loved the story of Doom and how you were a marine on this research station where all hell had broken loose. Doom 3 is a very cramped game in places and while going back this is not that great. At the time it made things even more tense and scary.

Interesting New Battlefield V Information

DICE on Twitter has revealed that before the game is released this November they are going to showcase the Tides of War map. They did not give a date, but it is sure to pop up on their official Twitter sooner than later. I am actually very interested to see the map and I am sure it is probably going to change a little each time they change up the narrative of the Tide of War story.

All Of Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII Multiplayer Maps Revealed

Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII is just a few days away and more and more stuff is coming out about what we can expect on launch day. Many people thought that there would be 12 maps on launch day for Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII. However, a screenshot that is floating around on social media has shown that on launch day there is going to be 14 maps for us to wage war on.

Changes To Vehicles Coming In Battlefield V

Vehicles are going to play a huge roll in Battlefield V. DICE intend for vehicles in Battlefield V to be more than just something a player can jump in to kill a couple of other players before they themselves are killed. DICE want skilled players to be able to really utilize the vehicles in Battlefield V to their fullest and that what they plan to implement.

Revive Time In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Doubled

Here is some pretty cool news about the revive time in Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII. I will be honest with you guys and say that in the beta this was not really something that bothered me as I did not notice it. However the more I think about it now the more I realize that the revive time was pretty damn fast. That is a complaint that more than a few players had and I guess it makes sense. If you blast someone from a fair distance and run in to finish them off.

Let’s Get Hyped For Doom Eternal

Look I know that we have Battlefield V, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Black Ops IIII on the horizon, but one game I am keeping a close eye on is Doom Eternal.To say that I loved the reboot of Doom is a huge understatement. It had a story that I actually cared about and the combat in the game was absolutely brutal and I mean that as a compliment. Doom did not screw around when it came to the gore and violence.

Pricing For Black Ops Pass Revealed

So what does the Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII Black Ops Pass (that name is one heck of a mouth full!) include? The most notable thing if you ask me is that it is going to include the five Zombies DLC chapters that are going to be released. We know for a fact that one of these is called Classified and it is going to be available at launch.

What To Expect From The Cod WW2 Halloween Scream Event

Like with the other community events there is going to be a community challenge for us all to work towards. As well as this there is going to be some new weapons added. These are the SDK 9mm, NZ-41, EMP44 and most notably a crossbow and a sledgehammer. These last two weapons fit in perfectly with the horror theme if you ask me.

Treyarch Offer Glimpse At Two Black Ops IIII Maps

It is crazy how close we are to Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII. While many people will be jumping straight into Blackout Mode. Many COD fans still want to know about the classic multiplayer. Well, we do know that Treyarch and Activision have promised a nice number of maps for the game, but now we know for sure what two of the maps are going to be thanks to a sneak peek.

Interesting Battlefield 5 Weapons News

As you know Battlefield 5 features a bunch of different classes. Medic, Support, Recon and so on are what you know and love. Then once you pick your class you then get to more define your role in battle by picking an actual role. The role that you pick is going to make what you do in battle more important. So if you like to play as a medic, you can then choose a role for the medic that suits the way you play.

Battlefield 1 Premium Pass Is Once Again Free

This means that you will get all four expansion packs which are offering you a ton more content. It is crazy how much more content that Dice packed into their expansion packs, but there is so much fun to be had here that it is well worth doing. Even if Battlefield 1 has been sitting on your shelf for over a year and you have thought the game was done. It is well worth firing up and taking advantage of this free offer.

Sony Playstation 4 Finally Allows Cross Play In Fortnite

Here is some news that we never thought would happen. Sony has lowered their stance on playing all by themselves and they are now allowing PS4 players to play with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players. Sony had drawn a line in the sand and said that they would not allow crossplay. To be fair they are the market leader of this generation and by a very long margin so you can see why they would not want to acknowledge number 2 and 3.

Thoughts On Latest Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Trailer

If you are interested in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 then no doubt you have already watched the new launch trailer for Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 more than once. It is a fantastic trailer and it certainly got me more pumped up for its impending release. I also think it is a very clever trailer in that it showcases Zombies, Blackout and the multiplayer all in quick succession. I can see many people who have not been following Cod Black Ops 4 as closely as we have being pulled in by this trailer

Interesting Changes For Battlefield 5 At Launch

While most people’s attention is focused on Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 which incredibly is just a few weeks away. DICE is still hard at work on Battlefield V and they have clearly taken on board what people who were part of the beta said seriously as they are planning some very interesting changes for Battlefield V by the time it launches.

Call Of Duty Bo4 Is Aiming For Native 4K Resolution

It is worth noting that this is said to be true for the PlayStation 4 Pro as well. However, in comparison shots and videos, the Xbox One X looks sharper so there is some talk that the PS4 Pro may not be able to hit a native 4K resolution in the same way that the Xbox One X can. As the Xbox One X is the most powerful game console on the market right now it is not all that surprising that it will have the edge in processing power.

Will Doom Eternal Be The One Of The Big FPS Games Of 2019

The reboot of Doom was truly incredible and while we have had a teaser trailer and little bits of info given to us from the folks at ID and Bethesda. What we have seen looks nuts. Hell on Earth is the phrase that they keep throwing around and the demons coming to Earth is something I can get behind. It will make for some pretty interesting level designs in comparison to what we had in the reboot of Doom.

Huge Maps Are Coming To Battlefield 5

I like a good mix of large open maps that make you have to look for an opponent as well as smaller maps where it is full on action and people dropping every few seconds. I never had an issue with the size of the maps in the Battlefield V beta, but clearly, some people did. Well, it is good that DICE have come out and said that Battlefield V is still going to feature large maps for us to wage war on.

What Would Make Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Mode Better

Let me state I love Blackout mode in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 and have a feeling it is going to be one of my go to games when I only have a spare 30 minutes or so to game. However, I am very interested to see what little fixes and changes Treyarch make as a result of this beta.

Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII Blackout Adds More Players

It turns out they were able to up the player count far quicker than many people thought as already they have increased it to 88 players! This is pretty amazing that they were able to do this so fast. Maybe they just wanted to make sure that their servers were going to be strong enough. The more players the better. So while I was not bothered about the player count being 80 adding in 8 extra more people is great with me.

Is DICE Going For A More Realistic Battlefield 5

I will tell you guys right of the bat that I have no problem with the tone, style and the fact that women are part of Battlefield 5. Some people do not like the more crazy customization options thinking that it is unrealistic and not in the same tone as the WW2 setting that Battlefield 5 has I really do not know what people are complaining about. Call Of Duty WW2 allows you to have some pretty strange weapons in contrast to the setting and Battlefield has never really been a series that has be

First Thoughts Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout

The trailers made Blackout mode look a lot of fun, but the early reports show just how much of a blast Blackout mode is. It plays and feels like a typical game of Call Of Duty, but the huge map and the vehicles that are scattered around make things so much more interested. We already knew that the map was going to be very diverse, but playing it is crazy as you go from one area to the next.

Will Medal Of Honor Ever Return

The first game in the Medal Of Honor series was released back in 1999 on the original PlayStation. It was a huge deal at the time and even had Steven Spielberg penning the story for it. From 1999 until 2007 there was an incredible 14 Medal Of Honor games released! The series was actually very popular, but by the time Medal Of Honor: Airborne was released in 2007 many people had moved onto Call Of Duty and Battlefield.

New Call Of Duty WW2 Event Covert Storm

Three New Prototype Weapons - That is right, three new secret and powerful weapons have been uncovered and this event is the only way to get them. The weapons up for grabs are a VMG 1927 light machine gun, AS-44 assault rifle, and the awesome looking Proto X-1 submachine gun. Animated Camo - There is this really weird and cool looking animated camo as well. I have to be honest and say that this is not my cup of tea, but I can see why others would be interested in this.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout New Maps Revealed

The official Call Of Duty Twitter account has shared the first picture of the map that we will be playing on in the new Blackout mode in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. The map looks huge! We already knew that it was going to be the biggest map in Call Of Duty history, but to be honest with you I was not actually expecting something this large. The map that they have shown lists some of the main areas, like what the map in Fortnite does.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Mode Will Support Up To 80 Players

For a while now Call Of Duty fans had wondered how many players would the new Battle Royale mode, Blackout support in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. I had heard all kinds of rumors ranging from 50, 64 to 100 players. Well, Activision has now come out and said what the number is going to be.

What Is Grand Operations In Battlefield V

What is Grand Operations? Well, it is a pretty awesome mode that is for 64 players. The idea of the mode is that it is set over a four day period and each day is a match. Each day will offer different objectives so there will be different modes on the different days. I think it sounds very interesting and I can see a game of Grand Operations lasting quite a while with two skilled teams.

Early Thoughts On Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta

I was one of the people that loved the over the top balls to the wall jetpack flying style of Infinite and Advanced Warfare. However, I also enjoyed the slower “boots on the ground” style that Call Of Duty WW2 brought back. I think the best way to describe Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is that it is kind of in the middle.

Battlefield V Beta News

First of all, PlayStation 4 owners can pre-download the open beta right now. The size of the download is 14.8 GB which in all honesty is not that bad and actually less than I thought it would be. Which is good news for Mortal Kombat XL on my PS4 as that was going to be the game that got the chop. The Battlefield 5 open beta starts on the 6th of September, but for you folks who pre-ordered it, you can experience it from the 4th.

What Does Battlefield 5 Delayed Release Date Mean

In case you have not heard the news let me tell you. Battlefield V has had its scheduled October release date put back a few weeks to the 20th of November. In all honesty, I do not find this all that surprising at all. Industry analysts predicted that it would be Battlefield 5 that would disappoint in terms of the big triple A titles coming in October. It was going up against Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption II as well as a few other big hitters like WWE 2K19 and Assassins Cr

Call Of Duty Blackout Beta To Last For Ten Days

The retailer GAME, which is a European gaming retailer has leaked some information about the Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII Blackout beta that is starting soon. As we all know, PlayStation 4 Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII players are getting to play the beta first on the 10th of September. Xbox One and PC owners are getting in on the action of the 14th of September.

Signature Weapons Coming To Cod Black Ops 4

Recently the folks at EA and Treyarch has some very exciting news regarding Cod Black Ops 4. That news is that for the first time in the series, signature weapons are going to be available.

The Best First Person Shooter Remakes

I know that after reading the headline you are going to be sure that the game I am talking about today is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. This was available with Infinite Warfare and then eventually on its own. It was a huge success and I think that Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered will be an even bigger success. Those are not the games I am talking about. For me the best first person shooter remake of all time is Halo 2.

New Division Coming To Call Of Duty WW2

As well as a brand new division coming to Call Of Duty WW2. There is going to be a whole new set of basic training coming as well. This news was spread on Twitter as Sledgehammer Games decided not to do their usual weekly update. Instead, they are going to do a much bigger update talking about all of the information at once.

Call Of Duty WW2 New Commando Division

The new division is the Commando Division the Commando Division in Call Of Duty WWII is pretty fun to play as. The idea behind the Commando Division is being quick to action and also health regeneration so if you are balls to the wall kind of Call Duty WWII player this is the Division for you.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Arsenal Map

As I write this Gamescom 2018 is happening right now in Germany. It is a pretty big show, arguably the biggest video game show that Europe has. One of the games on show during the event is, of course, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. One of the new things that is being shown is a brand new map called, Arsenal

Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming Soon In October

This new game, Red Dead Redemption 2 is not a sequel, but a prequel and we play the role of Arthur Morgan who is part of the Van der Linde gang. If you remember back to the first game it was members of this gang, including the leader, Dutch that John was tasked with taking down.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Battle Armor Getting Nerfed

Ok, so I will admit that this one flew right past me. However, in the Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 beta people were not too happy about the use of battle armor. Battle armor allows you to take far more damage and as a result, many players felt that it took far too long to kill players who had it and in general it gave them a major unfair advantage. I will admit that I never really noticed that much of a difference, but other people obviously did and Treyarch are making some changes to battle armor

Two Of The Worst First Person Shooters I Have Ever Played

I thought that I would have a little bit of fun today. I have been playing first person shooters for years now. Ever since my buddy who had a PC in high school let me play Doom, I have been hooked. Well while I have played some fantastic first person shooters, I have also played some less than great ones too. That is what I want to talk about today, poke a little fun at some first person shooters that I thought were going to be great, but turned out to be a dud.

Battlefield 5 Has Disappointing Pre Order Numbers

It has been well documented that October 2018 is one of the busiest months for games in many, many years. Battlefield 5, Black Ops 4, Assassins Creed, Red Dead 2, WWE 2K19 and a few others as well are all being released in a few weeks of each other. Clearly, not all of these games can succeed as people only have so much money…… and Battlefield looks like it could be the big AAA that disappoints this holiday season.

Should You Play The Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta

What I am talking about today is if it is worth playing the beta, not just for Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, but any game. I am always very excited to jump on board with a beta and get the chance to check out a game early. It was no different back in the PlayStation 1 days when I would get excited over a demo, I vividly remember the demo for Resident Evil 2 being a big deal.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta Date Announced

We have all just gotten over the excitement of the Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 multiplayer beta. Now though we know for sure when the Call Of Duty Bo4 Blackout beta is going to be.

Do Not Delete Your Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Client

Ok so today my blog post is one half advice, one half news. The Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 beta over the weekend was a huge success. I have said this a few times now, but I legit have not heard anyone say that they did not like it. Once the beta finished I decided to delete the client from my Xbox One. After all, it was done and dusted and taking up around 30 GB of hard drive space and like most of you, hard drive space

Battlefield 5 Getting Second Alpha Test This Week

I will admit that my PC could not run Battlefield 5 at a respectable level, but if your PC can then you may be able to take part in the second Battlefield 5 Alpha Test which is taking place on the 14th of August. Once again this is only for PC Battlefield 5 players and it is invite only. If you were part of the first alpha test then you will automatically be asked to be part of this one.

Thoughts Healing In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

One thing that I want to talk about specifically is the healing in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. I knew going in that the auto-healing of the past games was gone and that we would have to manually press a button to heal ourselves.

Is The Battlefield 5 Beta Nearly Here

While the Battlefield 5 alpha has already happened there is a lot of buzz right now that the beta is a few days away close! I know this sounds crazy as EA like to hype these things up at least a few weeks in advance, but this rumor is picking up steam thanks to something that was posted on Origin.

PC Specs Required For Black Ops 4 Beta Announced

This coming weekend sees PC gamers get to experience the fun that PlayStation 4 owners had last week. The Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 beta starts on the 10th of August and to say gamers are excited is one heck of an understatement. Treyarch has just released the minimum specs required for those wanting to take part in the beta.

Battlefield 5 VS Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

I will say that for me I get a different kind of gaming experience out of Battlefield than I do Call Of Duty. While Battlefield is fun, Battlefield is much more structured and if you do not pull your weight with the class you have picked then your team will suffer and most probably ask you what the hell you are doing! Call Of Duty on the other hand to me is more laid back and more fun. If I had to pick a favorite, in all honesty, it would be the Call Of Duty series.

Call Of Duty WW2 Days Of Summer Event Starts Now Kind Of

I literally just wrote a blog post yesterday theorizing if the folks at Sledgehammer Games would give us another Call Of Duty event before Black Ops 22 dropped. I was worried that Activision would want all eyes on Black Ops 22, but that is not the case as we have a summer event and best of all you can play it now.

Battlefield 5 Deluxe Edition Whats In It

While games like Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are being released with so many special editions it is hard to keep track of them all. Battlefield 5 is keeping things more simple for us by having only one special edition so far and that is called the Battlefield 5 Deluxe Edition.

New Secret Mode Coming To COD Black Ops 4 Beta

Well while that first beta was for PlayStation 4 Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 players only. In the coming days, a second beta will be taking place and this one is not just for PlayStation players. Xbox One and PC gamers are going to be able to get in on the action too.

Will There Be Anymore Call Of Duty WW2 Events In 2018

I think that Sledgehammer Games have done a wonderful job in supporting Call Of Duty WW2 over the last year. With three DLC packs that gave us a ton of great content and five different events that have all been fun. I think that they have done a great job in not just keeping the game interesting, but also making tweaks to the gameplay to make sure it is great.

Top Level Rewards Coming To Call Of Duty WW2

Top Level Rewards Coming To Call Of Duty WW2 So what if you get deep in the mud and make it all the way to 1000? Well, Sledgehammer Games did actually show off some of the gear that is up for grabs. If you have seen the Royalty Gear that was in Advanced Warfare that is a good description of what the Call Of Duty WW2 Master Prestige Gear looks like. I think it looks pretty cool

Specialists & Score Streaks In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

There has not really been any groundbreaking Cod Bo4 news the last few days. This is most likely because the folks at Treyarch and Activision are getting ready for the upcoming betas. Well, I have been thinking about the specialists and scorestreaks in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 and what they could be.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Mystery Box Edition

If you have got already pre-ordered your copy of decision Of Duty Black Ops 4 you will wish to rethink as Activision have declared a brilliant special edition known as the Black Ops IIII Mystery Box Edition and this issue is spectacular!

What Is The Best Call Of Duty Console

Call Of Duty is a game that has been packed in with consoles for many years now. Sometimes it is just the standard console and others there is a really cool special edition console made for the bundle. So today, as there is not a whole lot of news around I, thought I would share with you guys my thoughts on the best Call Of Duty console.

Call Of Duty WW2 The Tortured Path Thoughts

The first part is pretty standard, you are outside and there are different buildings, vehicles and so on that are in the way and there for cover that you can use. The second chapter though is on a boat and to be honest, it looks fantastic. I only have a standard PS4 so I would love to see how much sharper it looks on a PS4 Pro. The final part of the chapter is this weird ice cavern and it is brutal. The zombies have a ton of different areas that they can swarm in through. The first two chapters

Is Your PC Ready For The Battlefield V Closed Alpha

looking over the specs I do not think that they are too much at all. I think we still have a year or two to go before gaming PC’s are going to see a radical jump in what games need from them in order to run on at least the minimum settings. I for one cannot wait for Battlefield V so I am very excited to see what peoples opinions of the closed alpha are.

Will Lack Of Map Packs Hurt Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII

I am just picking up the map packs is something that a couple of buddies of mine have said multiple times over the years in regards to past Call Of Duty games. For some people, the online multiplayer is all they care about. They are not interested in zombies and just want more maps to play on.

Three New Fun Basic Trainings Hitting Call Of Duty WWII

In the excitement of the brand new division, The Cavalry being added to Call Of Duty WWII. I had my head in the clouds and missed the fact that we are also getting three new basic training and it seems like the guys and gals at Sledgehammer Games have done a lot of work in making these as much fun as possible.

Call Of Duty WW2 Brings In The Cavalry

That riot shield in the teaser image is called the Cavalry Shield and only this division can use it. You can use this to give yourself some protection against the enemy and you can use it as you run with the Shield Charge ability which sounds very handy. The Cavalry Division has some very interesting perks for specific game modes. For example, in War Mode, they can build and destroy walls quickly. In Domination they can capture flags quicker and they can put down bombs much quicker in Search And

New Division Coming To Call Of Duty WWII

The image shows a soldier who is sporting a riot shield and some pretty interesting clothing. His face is covered with a scarf like thing and his sleeves are rolled up. Plus the emblem on him does not look like any of the other division logos. I have no idea what this new division could be. The riot shield appears to be the specialty of whatever it turns out to be. Maybe it is a division that is the first line of defense type of deal? I am sure that will be revealed in the next couple of days

What To Expect With Battlefield V Battle Royale

Over the years I have found that Battlefield is a game that is best played as a team. Playing as a lone wolf never seems to work. However, in a Battle Royale mode, even your best buddies can be your enemies! So I am very interested to see how it is going to play out. I think squads in Battlefield V Battle Royale have the potential to be something very special as I have come across some very well oiled teams in my years playing Battlefield and I would love to see how an actual team handles it

Some Major Updates And Changes Are Coming To Fortnite Battle Royale

Players who reach the end of a given match in Fortnite battle royale are very likely to encounter rockets and all out building plus many shotguns. The superiority of shotguns & rockets, and uncapped building are such a dominant play style in the final circle that most other strategies are being drowned out the posts. what changes are on the way? when? This is not clear yet. They are not saying but some changes to weapons including weapon balances and resources like caps.

New War Mode And Maps Bring More Multiplayer Action To COD WWII

Operation Supercharge: The new scenario for War Mode is called Operation Supercharge. Set in Tunisia. When you are playing as the Allies you need to grab the supplies, blow up a bridge and take over the Axis fortifications. I like the sound of this new scenario and I am looking very forward to playing. I am really liking what they are doing with this DLC pack! Call Of Duty WWII United Front is coming to PlayStation 4 on the 26th of June and Xbox One and PC the following month

Final Week Of Call Of Duty WWII Attack Of The Undead Is Here!

Final Week Of Call Of Duty WWII Attack Of The Undead Is Here! As I write this week 4 of Attack Of The Undead the latest Call Of Duty WWII community event has just started. I have had a lot of fun with this event so far, but it does not seem to have been as active as the last two. Anyway, the main thing that they have listed here is simply The Last Chance all this is, is them telling us that it is basically our last chance to compete all those LTE collections before the event ends. I really wish

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Breaks The 50 Million Copies Sold Mark

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has declared that PUBG has currently sold over fifty million units globally across Xbox One and PC attracting over four hundred million registered PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds what is more crazy is that eighty eight million players play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on a every-day on all platforms.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds New Sanhok Map To Be Released On 06/22/18

PUBG's new map (Sanhok) will release on Fri June 22 18. It's a small area map 4km x 4km a 25% the size of the other two and similar to Fortnite's new map it will make the games quicker and will come with a special weapon that will only be available on the (Sanhok) map releasing now will be only on the PC version for now released to xbox one at a later date.

Lots Of Free Content Coming To Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

We all know that the whole Black Ops Pass thing that is coming to Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is not sitting well with some players. It appears to be an all or nothing kind of deal as Activision are not allowing different DLC to be sold separately. Well, some good news is that there could be a lot of free DLC coming to Black Ops 4.

Fortnite Season 4 challenges to be revealed complete them all

Fortnite Season 4 challenges to be revealed complete them all Outlive opponents 1,000 / 5 Battle Stars Play matches with friends 10 / 5 Battle Stars Deal damage to opponents 5,000 / 5 Battle Stars Land at different Named Locations 10 / 5 Battle Stars Play matches 50 / Ace of spades cosmetic item Play matches with at least one elimination 10 / concept art Hard: Win a match / #1 cosmetic item Reward: 5k XP after completing four challenges

Has The Next Call Of Duty WWII DLC Been Leaked

Man, I love the folks on Reddit who do not miss anything! I am not 100 percent that this is legit, but I would say I am at least 98.99 percent. A PlayStation Store leak happened today that listed Call Of Duty WWII United Front. So it looks as if the next DLC pack is going to be called, United Front. Now you may be wondering how exciting this is? I mean, after all, it is just a name.

Battlefield V Closed Alpha Coming Soon

Perhaps it is because people are not happy with what EA did with Star Wars Battlefront II or maybe it is because last year’s Call Of Duty WWII already took us back to World War II and did a great job in doing so? No matter what, Battlefield V feels like it has very little fanfare, especially compared to Battlefield 1.

What Is The Deal With Black Ops 4 Season Pass

We all knew that Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 was going to have DLC. However, the details have now emerged and in place of what is usually called “the season pass,” we have The Black Ops Pass. The Black Ops Pass gives you a lot of content. It gives you an extra zombies scenario to play on launch day as well as access to four more during the year. Four extra characters for Blackout which is their Battle Royale mode and 12 multiplayer maps. If you think that you would just like the zombies content so

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Coming Early For Some Lucky Fans

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Coming Early For Some Lucky Fans The beta for Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is coming this August and as far as I understand this beta is going to be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Well if you live in one of these eight US cities, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Washington, Houston, Atlanta, Indianapolis and Philadelphia if you win. You will be invited to one of Comcast s Xfinity stores where you can play the game in July. Not a ton of details have been given, bu

The Magic Of Overwatch Video Game

While the characters and setting of Overwatch are of course awesome. The gameplay is the real draw here. The game modes are what you would expect. But it is the core gameplay that has sucked so many people into the world of Overwatch. It is so easy to pick up and play, but there can be a lot of depth here, especially if you are willing to work as part of a team and play your role. But at the same time, you can totally just lone wolf it and run around shooting everything you see!

Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC

The story this time around saw you play the role of three different characters. You start off as Franklin a young dude who is just trying to scrape by. He tries to reposes a car from a man called, Michael who is a former career criminal who is trying to lay low after a job went to hell. Michael takes a liking to Franklin and takes him under his wing. Before long a run in with the feds, rival criminals and a whole load of other stuff from the past being brought up. Michael and Franklin cross path

EA Not Backing Down Over Women In Battlefield V

Battlefield V received some criticism from a very loud minority of fans in regards to featuring women in Battlefield V. There were no women in World War II is one of the ridiculous things I read time and time again along with people saying how historically inaccurate the game is now that they have included women. Battlefield is not about being 100 percent historically accurate, but women did play an important role in World War II. I am not saying there was an army of women on the actual battlef

Call Of Duty WWII Adds Relic Of The Undead Game Mode

Relic Of The Undead is nuts! The idea of the game mode is that there is a special zombie head and let me tell you that this is the most important zombie head in the world. Not only do you need to grab it, you need to keep hold of it so that you can capture its soul. Of course, the enemy also want this zombie head so you have to keep running and hope that the squad is going to have our back. When you capture the soul another zombie's head appears and it is round 2.

Choosing The Best Modded Controller

Many companies are making modded controllers which can be used with call of duty games. It is good to have best gaming controllers to dominate in call of duty. You can make selection of a great gaming controller which will help you to get success and benefits in all types of cod games. Numerous video gaming controllers are created and marketed by ModsRus Mods and able to assist gamers in obtaining advantages over other players in shooter video games.

ModsRus Modded Controllers - Controller Twins Video

ModsRus Modded Controllers - Controller Twins Video There is a ton of information out there about mod controllers. That's a good thing, but the problem is that not all of the information is correct. Mod Controller companies themselves publish a lot of it, and you know many aren't going to tell the full truth about their products. To learn more about each feature on modsRus modded controllers so you can make a decision about your purchase before you buy.

Fortnite Battle Royale 4.4 Update Lands

Sniper Shootout is here so if that is your idea of fun, you will have a blast with that. It is worth noting that you cannot use the crossbow as it has been replaced with the scoped assault rifles. 50 v 50 V3 has a larger circle that is forcing you into the middle of the map and there is a ton and I mean a ton of supply drops in the circle so it is worthwhile not messing around and making your way into is as soon as you can.

Battlefield V Will Have A Battle Royale Mode

Battlefield V Will Have A Battle Royale Mode Most likely you are hooked on E3 like I am right now. However, before this, we got to see what EA have in store for us at their EA Play event and I was very interested to see more of Battlefield V. While the story trailer is something that really got me excited, so excited that I have watched it a couple of times now. It was the announcement that Battlefield V is going to feature a Battle Royale mode. This took me by surprise as this was something tha

Shotguns Are Getting Nerfed In Fortnite Battle Royale

I can see why Epic Games have done this as a player with a shotgun always has an unfair advantage, but I must admit that despite being taken down with a shotgun more times than I would like to admit….. usually within the first 20! I did like the tradeoff where on the odd occasion I got a shotgun early, I could do that to other players.

Call Of Duty WW2 Attack Of The Dead Week 2

These go live on the 8th of June so make sure you get on it right away. The contracts are actually pretty straightforward as all you have to do is complete 35 matches. It is not very clear on this, but I am assuming that it means the new Attack Of The Dead game mode, Hordepoint, which I hope sticks around for the entirety of this event!

New Game Mode Hordepoint In Call Of Duty WW2

Call Of Duty WW2 is the game that keeps on giving. As I write this the second week of the awesome, Attack Of The Dead community event has literally just gone live and this week a really fun new game mode called Hordepoint has been added. This community event as you know is all about zombies and Hordepoint is mixing the game mode Hardpoint with a ton of zombie's guts to make something that is really special and fun.

First Person Shooters At E3 2018

Today I want to do something a little bit fun and that is taking a guess at what big first person shooter games we can expect to see at E3 2018 and also one that I really, really hope is going to be at the very least teased. We all know that Battlefield V and Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 will be shown in more detail at E3, but these are the games that I am really hoping to see.

Call Of Duty WW2 Attack Of The Undead Tier Completion Rewards

The first week of the Call Of Duty WW2 Attack Of The Undead event is nearly over. I have had a blast so far and certainly done my part in trying to get the body count of zombies up to 2 billion. I know that the number seems completely unattainable, but when you consider how many zombies you take out during a game, it is not actually that unrealistic…… and it is way better than the 3 billion Sledgehammer originally set it at.

Fortnite Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Fortnite is the biggest game in the world right now and with how easy it was to put the game on mobile devices, it really is not all that surprising to see it come to the Nintendo Switch. What is pretty interesting is that by all accounts the Nintendo Switch is getting the full Fortnite experience. So as well as Fortnite Battle Royale, Save The World is also coming to the Nintendo Switch. By the way, Save The World does not really get the credit it deserves for being a fun mode!

Six New Skins Coming To Fortnite Battle Royale

Six New Skins Coming To Fortnite Battle Royale Some cool new skins for Fortnite Battle Royale have been leaked and I am pretty excited! The NBA Finals are starting this week and as a result, Fortnite is adding some skins to get in the spirit. Jump Shot & Triple Threat: Two basketball skins, one of male and one for female. There is also a rumor that there may be some kind of basketball inspired LTE to go along with the NBA Finals. Also as well as the skins, the basketball hoop ax is really

Call Of Duty WW2 Attack Of The Undead Community Event

For the next three weeks, we are going to have our work cut out for us as we take down horde after horde of undead. Limited time contracts and orders will be available each week as well double XP game modes and the other things you would expect from a Call Of Duty event.

Fortnite Battle Royale Adds In Shopping Carts

t feels weird even classing a shopping cart as a vehicle, but that is what they have added and I have played a few games with it and it is a lot of fun. It controls like you would expect it to and it can actually roll away from you like a real shopping cart. I think that if you are playing solos that screwing around with a shopping cart in Fortnite Battle Royale is a bad idea as you will get shot.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Open Beta Happening This August

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Open Beta Happening This August We all knew that an open beta for Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 as it was something that Activision announced during the trailer. Well, now we have more of an idea of exactly when this open beta is going to be taking place. It was the German branch of Game Stop that leaked the news as they announced that the open beta would be taking place in August. The leak is a little weird as it says it is an open beta, yet it says that beta codes will be s

What Time Periods Could Be In Call Of Duty Black Ops 4

Call Of Duty WW2 had a much more structured narrative when it came to Zombies mode and Black Ops 4 looks to be taking that one step further. We know that the mode involves time travel and a team of heroes (well I think they are heroes) going through time trying to stop Zombies. The Titanic, ancient Rome and Black Ops past are all time periods that we will be mowing down Zombies in, but there is going to be DLC for this new Zombies mode so I thought it would be fun to speculate what they might be

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies Is Most Ambitious Yet

I think that with all the attention on the fact that Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is having its own Battle Royale mode, Blackout. Many people have overlooked just how much work has gone into Zombies mode this year. In many ways, I feel that this is making up for a lack of story mode as it seems very story heavy. What we know is that there is a team of four people (in the trailer each one looks like a certain class) that are traveling through time to stop zombie outbreaks. What is cool is that in e

Will Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Topple Fortnite Battle Royale

Many games this year are bound to try and implement some kind of Battle Royale mode into them after the success of PUBG and the phenomenal global takeover of Fortnite Battle Royale. One game though that may actually have what it takes to stand toe to toe with Fortnite Battle Royale is Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 and its Blackout mode.

Thoughts On Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout

We all knew that there was going to be a Battle Royale mode in Call Of Duty Black Ops 4. Thanks to the reveal we know that this mode is called Blackout and it looks like a lot of fun. Many games are going to have a Battle Royale mode in them this year, but they are going to have to go some to top what Call Of Duty is doing.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Looks Awesome

The big reveal has finally happened, we finally know what the plans for Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII are. We all knew that the campaign was gone, but Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 looks like it is split into three different modes. Multiplayer: In the trailer, multiplayer looks like a lot of fun. No regenerating health! You either heal yourself or get a dude called Crash to do it for you. Many people are saying that the multiplayer trailer they showed off had a kind of Overwatch look to it. One inte

No One Plays The Call Of Duty Campaigns

No One Plays The Call Of Duty Campaigns Let me start by saying that I have finished every Call Of Duty campaign and I think that they are far better than they get credit for. However, for years people have said people only buy Call Of Duty for the multiplayer and I always knew that was true, but I was still sure many people played and enjoyed the campaigns . Turns out I was wrong, very wrong! Those crazy folks at True Achievements did some major homework on the stats for the Call Of Duty.

Will Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Beat Fortnite Battle Royale

Many games this year are bound to try and implement some kind of Battle Royale mode into them after the success of PUBG and the phenomenal global takeover of Fortnite Battle Royale. One game though that may actually have what it takes to stand toe to toe with Fortnite Battle Royale is Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 and its Blackout mode. Taking place on the largest Call Of Duty map in history and feature many iconic places from Black Ops past, Blackout has all the makings of a really good time

Could Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 Have A Battle Royal Mode

Well according to Activision they are very aware of this and have an eye on the Battle Royal genre. This was said to a group of investors. Now to be fair they did not come out and say that there is the talk of adding a Battle Royal mode to Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, but unless they have some new IP that we do not know of, what other game from Activision could possibly have a Battle Royal mode in 2018?

Fortnite's gadgets are one of the games strongest Points

Fortnite’s development gadget is one of the game's strongest Points. each player goes into combat with an ax or similar tool that she or he uses to chop down and assemble objects. lots of the ambiance is destructible, and hacking down everything from residences to vehicles to timber and rocks is without end fulfilling. You don’t ever run out stamina while scavenging, which is terrific,

PUBG VS Fortnite in a combat royale

For those who have no idea Fortnite's tumultuous seven-yr background, it became in the beginning only a PVE shooter letting four gamers build constructs and blow up zombies. but when the builders at epic decided to free up a free battle royale video game mode to get greater avid gamers on board, PUBG's developer, voiced considerations about whether Fortnite is nothing greater than a brazen rip-off.

Stacked Cod WWII Updates Coming This Week

So while it is very easy to be swayed by the excitement of Call Of Duty Black Ops 4, do not dump Call Of Duty WWII yet. Sledgehammer Games have shown that there is still a ton of life left in this game yet. With how exciting the Resistance Event and DLC pack was, I for one am very excited for the remaining three DLC packs.

Two New Game Modes In Call Of Duty WW2

The Resistance event, Sledgehammer Games added Prop Hunt and Gun Game as part of the playlists, but we all thought that these were just here for this event. However, they prove to be so popular that Sledgehammer Games have brought them back and now they are just back and can be enjoyed whenever we like. This is awesome as Prop Hunt and Gun Game are both fun modes. Prop Hunt is just flat out weird, but also awesome. Gun Game is a really tense and run and gun style game mode that m

How Is The Resistance Division In Call Of Duty WW2

I think that The Resistance Division is a lot of fun. I would not say that it is the class I will always play as, but I have had a lot of fun with it. If you are not too good at stealth in first person shooters (like me) this is a great way to be able to play a little stealthy, but also do a lot of damage. Let me know what you think of the Resistance Division in Call Of Duty WWII in the comments section down below.

Battlefield 5 Is Going Back To World War 2

While we all know that Battlefield brings a fantastic multiplayer experience. What I personally am very interested in hearing about is the single player content. I really enjoyed what Battlefield 1 offered in terms of single player content, but it was just so short that it left me wanting more. I have a feeling that for Battlefield 5, Dice will be working on something pretty special for the campaign.

What Did The First Call Of Duty WWII Community Update Reveal

While I have just mentioned a couple of things here, I must say that this first Community Update for Call Of Duty WWII was a lot of fun and that I am looking forward to the next one. These updates are scheduled to drop each Friday so make sure that you keep an eye open for what Sledgehammer Games have to say about the future of Call Of Duty WWII.

Customizing Guns In Call Of Duty WWII?

The idea of being able to give your guns a fresh coat of paint and make them more suited to your personality is pretty cool and something I am sure that a lot of the Call Of Duty WWII multiplayer community would be on board with. The Gun Smith guy in the HQ area needs some more work to do so hopefully Sledgehammer Games will be letting him get to work and painting our guns soon.

COD WW2 Multiplayer Is Faster Now

Well for around a week now, we have had a Call Of Duty WW2 patch that addressed this and made some changes to different guns and the speed in which you walk. The ADS for many guns has been changed, not just to make the game quicker in general, but to tackle the problem with quick scoping. Using a sniper rifle in the way that it is supposed to be used! However, I do have a few buddies who quick scope (and are pretty darn good at it too) and they will have to get used to these changes.

Patch For PUBG Xb1 Is On The Way

On the PUBG sub Reddit, the team behind the game have said that a patch is coming and it will be here in the next few weeks, but no specific date was given. As far as what this patch is going to do, they said that the patch will be released in order to “optimization and improving stability” which sounds good to me. Not much other information has been given, but just making the gameplay better is the focus of this patch and for most of us that is all we want.

How Was The First Cod WW2 Event

Call Of Duty WW2 is the best value first person shooter of the last year. You get the triple threat of a great campaign, great zombies and of course the multiplayer. For the first event, Sledgehammer gave us a new Resistance class as well as some fun playlists each week, including the return of Gun Game and Prop Hunt. Two modes that many of us are hoping will stay around in Call Of Duty WW2 after the event has finished.

Action Packed Contracts In Week 5 Of Call Of Duty WW2 Resistance Event

Get 55 Kills In War: This could be a bit tricky depending on your play style. I tend to go for the objectives more than for kills in War Mode so I will have to spend a few games where I focus on taking the enemy down rather than going for the objectives. Get 5 Headshots In Domination: I suck at headshots so if I do this…. It will be luck. For you skilled marksmen though, you will be able to breeze through this.

Some New Loot Is Coming To Fortnite

Us who have the Battle Pass will be getting a space suit that we can wear as we battle. However there are also some other cool things coming, one of which has been getting a lot of attention in the last few days and that is Skydiving Trails. The idea here is that they will make you look like a spacecraft that is re-entering the atmosphere with sparks and fire all around. The effect is certainly a lot of fun and it looks pretty cool.

Cod WWII The Resistance Event Week 5 Daily Orders

Cod WWII The Resistance Event Week 5 Daily Orders As I write this I am patiently waiting for the final week of the Call Of Duty WWII Resistance Event to go live. As I do I wanted to talk about what the daily orders for this week are. The first one is to kill 10 Props. I think this one should be easy for most people as Prop Hunt is actually offering double XP so you will be most likely playing a lot of it anyway. Next day sees you having to survive 5 games as a prop which for me is going to be ve

Weekly Orders For Week 5 Of Call Of Duty WW2 Resistance Event

Play 25 Matches Of Prop Hunt: This could not be any easier! All of the Daily Orders are related to Prop Hunt and during this week, Prop Hunt is actually giving 2XP so you will most likely get this done during the first or second day. Get 200 Kills In The Resistance Division: This one may be a little tougher for some of you who may have only dabbled with The Resistance Division and then went straight back to what you were using mainly before.

Domination XL In Call Of Duty WW2 Gives You Extra XP

Sledgehammer has been very community driven with this game and they have been listening to us fans and one of the ways that they are showing this is with Domination XL. Domination XL is the same Domination mode that we have all come to love, but it gets the XL in its name due to the fact that the amount of XP we will be getting for each kill is kicked up a notch to 100!

Week 5 In Call Of Duty WWII Event Brings Many 2XP Opportunities

It is not just this double XP event that is part of the final week of the Call Of Duty WWII Resistance Event that is giving us more XP per shot! You see the featured playlist this week is once again Prop Hunt, but now Prop Hunt is giving out 2XP. I have had a blast with Prop Hunt (I really hope that it stays) and getting double XP is awesome. As well as Prop Hunt, Demolition, Search And Destroy are also offering 2XP. I have a lot of fun with this modes to so I am certainly going to make the most

Will Cod 2018 Bring Back Boost Jumping & Wall Running - Black Ops 4?

Being able to boost in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare was actually something that I thought was pretty cool. It was always pretty cool being able to run along the wall, boost jump and then shoot someone. While I have a strong feeling that wall running will return in the next COD game. If the rumors are true that the next game is set in a modern setting and is a “boots on the ground” type game that we have heard so much about. I do not think that boost jumping will be part of it.

Check Out The Contracts In Week 4 Of Call Of Duty WWII Resistance Event

Get 55 Kills In War: I love War Mode, it is one of the best things that was added to Call Of Duty WWII. This is a mode that ever since the beta, I have always made a real effort to be a team player and focus more on the objectives, sometimes even using myself as a decoy so other players can do an objective. I very rarely get many kills in War Mode as that is not what I focus on so getting this many kills in just one week, along with the other contracts I need to do is proving to be really hard

How To Kick Butt In Call Of Duty WW2 Gun Game

Keep On Moving: Even if you get a sniper rifle! I know that some people like to lay in wait, kind of like a spider. For me, the best way to get through a game of Gun Game is to keep moving. Just keep on running and never stay in one place too long. Run and gun is the way to go in Gun Game.

Know Your Weekly Orders In Call Of Duty WW2

There are three weekly orders for this third week and I think that two of them will be very easy and one of them will cause me personally a bit of a challenge, but for some of you guys, it will be a cakewalk. One sees you need to compete in 100 matches. You do not have to win, you just have to play in 100 matches, this is very easy. You play a few each day and you will get it done. Next up is 25 games of Gun Game. Gun Game is awesome so this is one weekly order that I am looking very forward to

Call Of Duty To Get Community Update Once A Week

In the past, some people in the COD community have felt that while the developers were good at talking about what they were adding to the game. When it came to talking about things that the community has an issue with bugs, trolls, and just generally annoying things. Communication was not always easy to establish. With this new approach, it does appear that Sledgehammer Games are trying to change that and keep us up to date on what changes are being made to Call Of Duty WW2

What Is Next For Battlefield In 2018?

If it is not Battlefield Bad Company 3 then what is it? Well, it does seem like the next Battlefield game could be set during World War II. COD had phenomenal success with Call Of Duty WWII so it makes sense that Dice would be interested in making a game based on this. Plus with how good Battlefield 1 was, we would love to see this current team take a crack at WWII as we are sure they would do an amazing job.

How To Level Up Faster In Call Of Duty WW2

War Mode: I love War Mode and it can be great for earning XP. If you are in the target area when an objective is being completed, you will make a nice extra bonus when it comes to XP. This is not really for beginners, but War Mode, once you get used to what the objectives are, can really level you up quickly.

Call Of Duty WW2 The Way They Handle Health Makes It So Much Harder

The majority of first person shooters these days will allow you to run behind a wall, take cover for a minute and you have your health back. In Call Of Duty WW2, there are actual consequences for your actions and that is something I have grown to really like about the games. Do you guys prefer regenerating health or do you like the fact that Call Of Duty WW2 makes you have to heal yourself?

New Dlc Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer Maps Coming To Xb1 & Pc Next Week

We have been getting more and more information about the first bog DLC expansion, Resistance over the last week or so and I could not be any more excited. To start with, we are getting some great new content for Nazi Zombies, but there are also three multiplayer maps being added as part of this expansion. Some people felt that Call Of Duty WW2 was lacking in maps so they will be very happy for this.

How A Call Of Duty WW2 Player Made Max Prestige Without Using A Gun!

I am going to make it to that rank, it is going to take me another few months at least, but this dude rocked all the way to it by just using a knife. Playing Call Of Duty with just knives and melee weapons is something this player has been doing for years, but he really stepped it up in Call Of Duty WWII and he was actually the only person to reach Master Prestige rank via this method so far. Even Sledgehammer Games sent him a funny tweet showing respect for his accomplishment.

Will People Leave Call Of Duty WW2 Early When New Cod Game Comes Out?

However, many of us Call Of Duty fans have one eye on the future and that eye is trying to peek at the next COD game which all the rumors are stating is going to be Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 or at the very least a game in that same kind of style. The Black Ops series is very popular and people are already hyped by this potential news, so hyped that there have been some people online saying that they are not just looking forward to Treyarch’s next Call Of Duty game and as a result have lost a bit

The Gun Game During Week 4 Of The Resistance Event In Call Of Duty WW2

Some of them are simple enough like getting 25 kills in Gun Game, setting back an enemy and so on. I am sure that even someone who is not very good at Gun Game like myself will be able to do these ones. However, on the 14th and 18th of February, you have to win three games of Gun Game! While I will struggle with this, I do like how they have some daily orders that anyone can do as well as some that require some real skill.

Gun Game In Call Of Duty WW2 Gets Kicked Up A Notch

Week four of The Resistance DLC event brings to it a Gun Game that is on steroids! It as far as we know if going to be the only mode on the featured playlist of the final week of the Resistance Event. The Gun Game in Call Of Duty WW2 Resistance Event is the gun game that you have come to know and love, but with some much better rewards.

Making War Mode Even Better In Call Of Duty WWII

I do not think anything drastic needs to be added to the War Mode in Call Of Duty WWII. I feel that this is a game mode that people are super into (like me) or people are simply not interested in, due to the forced objectives and the requirement of teamwork. I can see why people who just want to jump in and have some run and gun action may be turned off by War Mode.

Cod WW2 Resistance Week 3 Featured Playlist For Call Of Duty Is Awesome

Demolition 24/7: Think of Demolition mode like Search And Destroy and you will know what to expect. This is the first time this mode has been in Call Of Duty WWII and while I have only played a couple of games so far, it has been a lot of fun. If I am honest, I much prefer to be on the attacking side than the defending one, but I see this as a mode that even casual players will have a lot of fun wi

Tips For Cod WWII Zombies The Darkest Shore

Use The Turret At The Start When the zombies start coming out of the water right at the start, it can make you say what the hell and make you feel unprepared. Well, there is actually a pretty powerful turret on the left of the beach that can cut through this first horde very easily.

Is The Next Call Of Duty Game Black Ops 4

The rumor came from Marcus Sellars and as well as saying it would be Black Ops 4 he also said that it would be set in modern times and be a “boots on the ground” kind of game. By that, I take it to mean that there will not be any futuristic stuff like we have seen in some of the past COD games and that they will be sticking to the more realistic approach that Call Of Duty WW2 had.

How Is Call Of Duty Zombies The Darkest Shore WW2?

The Darkest Shore takes place right after The Final Reich, literally just a few days. The team ends up on a dark, mysterious and messed up German island that is full of horrors. What they have done with this new zombies chapter is ramp up the tension to a 10. The whole island is full of fog and in some places, it can be hard to see right in front of your face and when the zombies are chasing you down or when you can hear them, but not see them. It really does add a level of tension.

Get Fun Free Call Of Duty WW2 Content With These Codes

No one does an over the top live action video game trailer like Activision and Call Of Duty WW2 is no different. Activision released a fun live action trailer for The Resistance DLC and in it were hidden codes that you could put in the official Call Of Duty WW2 site.

How Good Are The New Call Of Duty WWII Resistance Maps

So like most of you fellow PlayStation 4 Call Of Duty WWII players, I have spent the last day playing The Resistance, the first DLC pack. This will be available on Xbox One in the coming weeks so do not worry. While I am far from an expert on these new maps just yet (and I probably never will be) I wanted to share my early thoughts on them.

When Does Call Of Duty DLC The Resistance Come To Xbox And PC?

Many PlayStation owners have spent the last day or so getting to grips with the first DLC pack for Call Of Duty WW2, The Resistance. In this pack, we get three multiplayer maps a new War Mode scenario and some new Nazi Zombies content. In all honesty, it is easy to say that Activision just wants more money, but there is a lot of content in this first DLC pack and if you like Call Of Duty WW2, you will love this DLC pack.

What Are The Most Disappointing Call Of Duty Games?

Call Of Duty Ghosts (PlayStation 4) I passed on the Xbox 360 version of Call Of Duty Ghosts in order to wait for the PlayStation 4 version and I do not know what I was expecting, but Call Of Duty Ghosts kind of fell flat with me. I have some buddies who love this game, but when I first got it, I jumped into the campaign first, which was a mistake as the campaign is one of the most boring in the series. To be fair the multiplayer is fun, but that campaign left a real sour taste in my mouth and b

Early Thoughts On New War Mode Map In Call Of Duty WW2

the new War Mode Map in Call Of Duty WW2 is set in France in a really war torn area. The areas of the map that I have explored so far look fantastic. The first part of the mission sees you guys needing to save French resistance fighters. I found this pretty easy, to be honest, but as more and more people get better at the map, that is when teamwork and skill will start to come into play.

What Are The Most Underrated Call Of Duty Games?

I still do not get the hate for this game! People decided they hated it without actually playing. It featured a fun sci-fi campaign, fantastic multiplayer and one of the best zombies modes the entire Call Of Duty series has ever seen! Add to this tight controls and just a lot of fun and you have an awesome game. I know that some people could not get past the outer space setting, but those people missed out on a damn fine first person shooter.

What Does Week 2 Of Call Of Duty WW2 Resistance Event Have In Store

Once again we are all getting a free gift from Headquarters so make sure you remember to redeem it. They are also offering X2 XP for Divisions across all modes, so take this opportunity to level up. There is also a bunch of new daily and weekly orders. One that caught my eye and one that I will really struggle with (but have a lot of fun trying to do) is getting 100 kills with the Tactical Knife while using the Resistance Division. Getting 30 headshots with the pistol also sounds like it is goin

Fixes Were Added To Call Of Duty WW2 In Resistance Update

Friendly shellshock, this has been a hot topic in the world of Call Of Duty WW2. But many players hated the way friendly shellshock in Call Of Duty WW2 was handled. If a teammate threw one, you were punished! Now you can still move freely, but the screen will still shake and your view will be compromised. Sledgehammer Games have stated they may fix this further.

Predictions For Call Of Duty 2018

No Futuristic Warfare From what little has leaked, Call Of Duty 2018 appears to be set in a more modern time (thanks to a Treyarch job listing) however with the more realistic approach to Call Of Duty WW2 being so popular, I do not think there will be any wall running or jet packing in the next Call Of Duty… which if I am honest I am not sure I am super happy about, but I learned to live without in COD WW2.

How The Changes To Prop Hunt In Call Of Duty WW2 Make It Even Better

There is less chance of the match ending in a draw thanks to the way Sledgehammer Games have factored time and kills into the formula for deciding a winner. Also when you are hiding you get the chance to earn more points depending on what you are hiding as. Hiding as something small like a crate is a lot easier than hiding than a bloody great big truck! However, if you do successfully hide as the truck, you will earn yourself some extra points for the trouble.

What You Need To Know About Prop Hunt In Call Of Duty WW2

Only One Survivor Is Needed The team who are hunting needs to kill every “prop” on the opposing team. But the prop team only need one player to survive in order to win the round. So even if you get killed pretty early on, there is still hope.

What Other Fixes Were Added To Call Of Duty WW2 In Resistance Update

There was a change to the way you regenerate health in that it does not take quite as long now. I can tell you this has saved my butt a few times already. You will no longer have your eardrums destroyed by the announcer in War Mode as they have fixed the uneven way the volume would change. Footsteps are not quite as loud anymore. To be honest I did not even notice this, but apparently, your footsteps and the enemy footsteps are no longer quite as loud.

The Cryptic Tweet About Call Of Duty 2018

when you read it ten times still does not make a lot of sense, but the whole internet is buzzing that this could be a cryptic tweet about the next Call Of Duty game. Was Treyarch working on something and then Activision said no, we want you to do this instead? Could it be a Black Ops 4? Maybe it is something that is a whole new Call Of Duty Experience? There was a job posting a while back looking for people who had an understanding of modern military equipment so that could all tie into what the

You Can Use Prop Hunt To Get Awesome Stuff In Call Of Duty WW2

When you fire up Call Of Duty WW2 and go to the multiplayer section, head over to your headquarters. Talk to Major Howard and he will give you a bunch of special orders that are part of the Resistance event. The one you want to pick is right at the bottom and it is green. The goal of this order is to play 50 online matches, doing so will unlock the Orso submachine gun.

Call Of Duty WW2 May Be The Biggest Selling COD Game?

With the Call Of Duty Resistance Pack here, more people are probably going to pick the game up. I could not find the exact sales figures for Call Of Duty WW2, however, over in the UK, it has reached a series milestone as it has spent its tenth week at the top of the UK sales chart. Not only that it has been said that it sold over 60 percent more copies than Infinite Warfare which sold over 11 million copies. If you do the math, Call Of Duty WW2 has to be at the 20 million mark at least so it is

The Call Of Duty WW2 Resistance Event Has Started

The Resistance event is running from the 23rd of January and will last until the 27th of February. Included with this is a free Resistance loot box each week, double XP playlists and Some new weapons such as the Orso Submachine Gun, the Volkssturmgewehr Assault Rifle and in the trailer, if you look closely enough, you can see a new knife and some kind of pistol as well.

What Could Have Made The Call Of Duty WW2 Campaign Even Better

One of the things that you can do in the Call Of Duty WW2 campaign is save a fallen soldier. Some levels have two, but it is usually three that you can drag to safety (which for some reasons makes the camera go to hell). I am not saying I would have liked more of this, but more optional objectives in general. There is another mission where you can decide to kill a certain Nazi official or you can not bother. I would have liked more things like this. Blow up that truck with supplies, take down th

Prop Hunt Mode Is Coming To Call Of Duty WW2

Prop Hunt Mode was kind of sneaked in here and many people did not even realize that it was part of this community event. Prop Hunt is a game mode that is just all about fun and having a good time with people online. If you do not know exactly what Prop Hunt is, let me explain it a little bit to you.

Thoughts On Call Of Duty WW2 On Xbox One X

Ok so I picked this up about a week ago and I have only dabbled a little bit in the online mode, but I have beaten the campaign (again) and I can tell you that while the graphical update is not a huge leap (PS4 does have HDR after all) I will say that there is a noticeable difference here. It is not like going from PS3 to PS4. But playing Call Of Duty WW2 on Xbox One X is certainly clearer. I do not know if there would be any difference on a regular HD TV, but on my 4K TV, the Xbox One X version

Tips For The Call Of Duty WW2 Single Player Campaign

In Call Of Duty WW2, you have no regenerating health and you can only carry four health packs at once. If you use a health pack to heal just a tiny bit of health, you have wasted that whole pack, only use a health pack if your health is at least half gone. Also remember that if you get stuck, you can get a health pack from Zussman.

What New Game Modes 2018 For Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty WWII did so many things right. It had a fantastic single player campaign, Nazi Zombies is awesome and War Mode is one of the best new additions to Call Of Duty in years! It got me thinking, War Mode was so much fun and Nazi Zombies with its horror theme was such a fresh approach, what could Treyarch do in order to make Call Of Duty 2018 really wow us?

Bringing War Mode To Call Of Duty WW2 Zombies!

So how would this work? Well in Call Of Duty Zombies in the past, we have had to build up walls and stuff to keep the undead at bay. I think taking that to the next step with objectives that fit in with the zombie theme and whatever story the zombie's mode is trying to tell would be great. I think that it would of course initially be a PvE type of game mode, but what if they kicked it up a notch and hade PvP and let us play as the zombies?

Does Call Of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies Mode Need It's own Game?

As you know, Call Of Duty WWII has Nazi Zombies and while I loved the campy and tongue in cheek style of Zombies In Space Land and the other expansions that were part of Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Call Of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies is perhaps the largest zombies mode in terms of its scope. The story is awesome, kind of like something you would actually see in a horror movie. Clearly, a ton of time was put into Nazi Zombies and I, along with many other people. Got more out of that story than the

How to Get The Most Out Of Call Of Duty WW2 War Mode

Do Not Worry About Your K/D I have never been one to focus too much on my K/D anyway. But this is especially true for War Mode. It is all about the objectives, so as long as you are actually assisting the team and helping work towards your goals that is all that matters. Your objectives come first and if anyone gets in your way, you take them down! It is not a case where you are actively running around looking for other players to gun down.

What Things Need To Be Fixed In Call Of Duty WW2

The progression in Call Of Duty WW2 is far slower than it has been in previous years. I am not saying it is Star Wars Battlefront II level of slow. But it certainly feels like it takes longer to progress in this game than the last few. I do not know the exact stats, but the rate you earn XP certainly feels like it is much slower than in previous games.

The New Call Of Duty WW2 Dlc Multiplayer Maps

New Call Of Duty WWII Multiplayer Maps What Are The New Call Of Duty WWII Multiplayer Maps We have been getting more and more information about the first bog DLC expansion, Resistance over the last week or so and I could not be any more excited. To start with, we are getting some great new content for Nazi Zombies, but there are also three multiplayer maps being added as part of this expansion. Some people felt that Call Of Duty WWII was lacking in maps so they will be very happy for this.

What Call Of Duty Does Not Get Enough Credit For

What I want to talk about today is how underappreciated the multiplayer in Call Of Duty is…… “what” is maybe what you are thinking of right now. But it is not the online multiplayer that I am talking about, but the local split screen. This is something Call Of Duty does better than any other first person shooter. Many games, great games like Overwatch and Titanfall 2 are great games, but they do not allow you to play with a buddy sitting right next to you.

New Call Of Duty WWII Multiplayer Game Modes

One game mode that was discussed was Ground War and if that was in the plans to return to Call Of Duty WWII. Unfortunately, Ground War is not coming to WWII. The reasons that he gave for this were that the maps are simply not built for this kind of game mode. Ground War was all about 9 V 9 and he says that the maps would not be suited for this.

How To Be A Better Sniper In Call Of Duty WW2

Create a private match with you taking on bots, you can have (off the top of my head I think) 9 bots to practice on. Use a nice large and open map such as Gustav Cannon so you can get the hang of sniping and actually feel good about it as you will be able to get a lot of kills. Practice makes perfect in the world of sniping and it is far less frustrating to practice on bots than in an actual multiplayer game.

Call Of Duty WW2 Relentless Gameplay Video Domination On Flak

Call Of Duty WW2 Relentless Gameplay Video Domination On Flak via Domination On Flak Call Of Duty WW2 Relentless Gameplay ModsRus Modded Controllers WW2 Cod

What Do We Know About 2018 Call Of Duty Game

We wanted to take a look at what we actually know about Call Of Duty 2018. To start with we know that this year it is Treyarch’s turn to helm the Call Of Duty ship. Their last game was the excellent, Call Of Duty Black Ops III. A game which many people say was the best one until Call Of Duty WWII came along.

Is It Worth Getting Cod WW2 Seasons Pass?

With Call Of Duty WW2 being out for over a month now, some of you who purchased just the standard version of the game may be ready for something new. You have probably completed the campaign, played each multiplayer mode to death and fought on each map so many times that you know them like the back of your hand. Season passes are the done thing in games these days and while it may be easy to point at the Call Of Duty WW2 season pass and say it is Activision being greedy, we do not actually think

Why Call Of Duty Went Back To World War II

It is easy to point and say that Activision made Sledgehammer go back to WWII because of the disappointing sales and reception of Infinite Warfare. But Call Of Duty WWII was long in development before that happened, so we take Sledgehammer at their word when they say the decision was all about creating and engaging story. We think that Call Of Duty WWII is one of the best games in the series in years and love to hear the story behind how it came to be.

What Made Call Of Duty WW2 The Best Selling Game Of 2017

What Made Call Of Duty WW2 The Best Selling Game Of 2017? It was like Activision and of course, the team at Sledgehammer Games who actually made the game did everything right with Call Of Duty WWII. Right from that first trailer they revealed, Call Of Duty WWII is a game that got many people excited. Longtime Call Of Duty fans were excited that they were going back to World War II. Fans who felt the series lost its way with the more futuristic games were excited and even those who had never been

What Is Missing With Call Of Duty WW2 VS. Futuristic Cod Games

So while a lot of time has been spent playing Call Of Duty WW2 and I do feel that this is one of the best Call Of Duty games in years. There are a couple of things that I kind of took for granted with the last few futuristic COD games that I am kind of missing the more that I play Call Of Duty WW2.

How To Level Up Fast Playing Call Of Duty WW2

How To Level Up Fast Playing Call Of Duty WW2 On Xbox One - Ps4 - Pc War Mode: I love War Mode and it can be great for earning XP. If you are in the target area when an objective is being completed, you will make a nice extra bonus when it comes to XP. This is not really for beginners, but War Mode, once you get used to what the objectives are, can really level you up quickly.

What Would Be A Good Call Of Duty Update For COD WW2 Nazi Zombies?

What Would Be A Good Call Of Duty Update For COD WW2 Nazi Zombies? I really like the more serious and horror approach to zombies that they have taken and I think that it works very well in this World War II setting. We all know that we are going to be getting new maps and scenarios for Call Of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies and I am excited for that as while there was not a ton of story, I did get pretty invested in the characters and what was going on.

What Is In The New Call Of Duty WW2 Update 1.08

We had a lot of fun with the Winter Siege and to be fair Sledgehammer Games have not left us high and dry. If you still have some open active orders from Winter Siege then you can finish them off and if you still have some Winter Siege loot boxes that you did not get round to opening, you can still open them as they will not change back to regular loot boxes. So it is good that they have made it so those of us who have been busy the last few days can finish off what we started. Winter Collection

How To Get The Most Out Of Call Of Duty WW2 Winter Siege

If you are a Call Of Duty WWII fan then you no doubt know that Winter Siege is upon us. It is the first big Call Of Duty WWII event and we have been having a lot of fun with it so far. Like most “events” that happen in a game, it is only here for a short while, the beginning of January. So today we have some information for you so that you can get the most out of your short time with Call Of Duty WWII Winter Siege.t Of Call Of Duty WW2 Winter Siege

Tips For Team Deathmatch In Call Of Duty WWII

Watch Where You Run Do not just run around in a wide open space and then be surprised that you were picked off by an enemy you did not even see! Learn each map and figure out the safest ways to get around. Being successful in Team Deathmatch is just as much about knowing the map as it is actually being a badass soldier.

Call Of Duty WW11 Lets Everyone Feel Like A Pro Gamer

At the beginning of December Sledgehammer made a very interesting addition to Call Of Duty WWII and that is Ranked Mode. We knew this was coming, but to be honest with you never really gave it a second thought. However, Ranked Mode is pretty cool and interesting. Ranked Mode allows us mere mortals to get a little taste of what ESports is like. It uses the same guidelines as the Call Of Duty World League so it is 4 vs 4 matches in Search And Destroys, Hardpoint and Capture The Flag. The rules th

How To Be Better At Call Of Duty WW2 Zombies!

Working As A Team First of all let's discuss teamwork in Nazi Zombies. Many people like to run around like a lone wolf, but each wave gets harder and harder and if you really want to get far without dying a million times, you have to work as a team. We are not just talking about watching each other’s backs but taking on an actual role. For example, if one of you guys is using free fire another one should be using camouflage. Think about how the loadout you are selecting is going to benefit the

Call Of Duty WW11 Shaping Up To be Biggest COD Yet

It goes without saying that each year Call Of Duty is one of the biggest selling games that is released. Even last years, Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare while disappointing sales wise, still sold millions of copies. Some wondered if Infinite Warfare may have turned players off the Call Of Duty franchise, but Call Of Duty WWII is proving otherwise. This is shaping up to be one of the biggest selling games of 2

Call Of Duty WW2 Expeditionary Division

We have been taking a closer look at all of the divisions in Call Of Duty WW2 and today we are looking at the Expeditionary division. We know that the name of this one makes it one of the more unknown of the divisions in Call Of Duty WWII, but the idea of the Expeditionary division is that it is the class for players who are all about running around and getting close up to the enemy before they strike. Going for a one or two shot kill before the enemy knows you are even there.

Call Of Duty WW2 Winter Siege Coming In December

Call Of Duty WW2 Winter Siege Coming In December The Winter Siege sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. What is interesting is that while this is the first big event for Call Of Duty WWII, we do not actually know a whole lot about it. What we do know is that the event will be utilizing the Carentan map which as of right now is something that people who bought the Call Of Duty WWII season pass could use. But in this event, the map is going to be available for everyone.

Call Of Duty WW2 The Emblem Editor Is Crazy

Call Of Duty WWII’s Emblem Editor Is Crazy While Call Of Duty WWII has only been out a few days as of writing today’s blog post. We can tell you that here at Mod’s “R” Us, we have spent a ton of time with the game already. But while we anticipated the campaign being fun, War mode being awesome and multiplayer in general being great. Nothing could have prepared us for the epicenes that is the Call Of Duty WWII Emblem Editor. Many people do not bother with stuff like this, but in Call Of Dut

Thoughts On Call Of Duty WW2 Campaign

Thoughts On Call Of Duty WW2 Campaign So after hitting the local store to get my copy of Call Of Duty WW2 at midnight, the campaign was the first thing that was put through its paces. A lot of people like to put down the COD campaigns, but I have always enjoyed them and the one Sledgehammer have put in Call Of Duty WWII so far from what I have played is fantastic. You play the role of Private Red Daniels and you get to experience the horrors of World War 2 such as D-Day and going through t

Level Up Faster In Call Of Duty WW2

Play War Mode War Mode is already a ton of fun, but if you play it correctly, you can really rack up some major XP. By playing it correctly, we mean actually completing your objectives and not just running around killing people. War Mode can be a gold mine if you are completing objectives and picking up a win, even more so this weekend. Hardpoint And Domination Are Good Too

Call Of Duty WW11 Armored Division Guide

Call Of Duty WW11 Armored Division Guide While at first glance the Division system in Call Of Duty WWII looks completely different to the class system we have all gotten used to the last decade. It is actually pretty similar. Today we are looking at the Armored Division and letting you know how to get the best out of it. Armored Division is one of the most interesting Divisions in the game. At first glance, you think this is the tank class and it actually is. Making use of rocket launchers and b

Call Of Duty WW2 Mountain Division

The best way to describe the Mountain Division in Call Of Duty WWII is as the snipers of the Call Of Duty WWII. Sniper is always a kind of harder class to play in Call Of Duty, it is not the kind of class that anyone can just play and in most cases, it does require a fair bit of discipline to play. But for those that stick with it and have the eye of the tiger when it comes to sniping. Having a sniper on a team in Call Of Duty WWII is an asset that cannot be overstated.

Will Battalion 1944 Be 2018’s Stand Out FPS

While here at Mods “R” Us, we are having a blast with Call Of Duty WWII, Destiny 2 and even dabbling in a little Battlefront 2. We have an eye on next year and so far not a ton of first person shooters have been announced, but one we have kept a very close eye on is Battalion 1944. If the name sounds familiar, it is because it was a highly publicized Kickstarter game, do not freak out or worry, it was funded in just a few days. While this is a new company making the game, the majority of the te

Call Of Duty WW2 Airborne Division

We really like the Airborne Division in Call Of Duty WWII. It offers you a kind of run and gun style of gameplay, but it is a little stealthier than what Infinitry Division offers. It is the Division Skill that makes this such a popular “class”. You see you can get a suppressor which hides your fire on the map, but at the result of losing a little accuracy, but if you are playing as Airborne Division to be more stealthy, it does not matter.

Call Of Duty WWII Infantry Division Guide

Today we are starting looking at the different divisions in Call Of Duty WWII. Starting with what many people class as the most basic Division, Infantry. We feel that Infantry Division in Call Of Duty WWII is best for those who are either new to the game or who just like to jump in and do some of that classic, Call Of Duty run and gun action that we have all been doing for years.

Call Of Duty Zombies In WW2 Are Lifelike And Real Scary

We have talked a little before about the zombie's mode in Call Of Duty WWII. But recently some pictures surfaced of what these Nazi zombies look like and they are just terrifying! Honestly, these are some of the creepiest and scariest looking zombies we have ever seen in a video game. Sledgehammer Games and Activision really do appear to have outdone themselves with this year’s Zombies mode. They wanted to not just make it a fun experience like Zombies has been in the past. But genuinely make

Call Of Duty WW2 PC Patch Arrives

If we are honest, we have spent most of our time with the console versions of Call Of Duty WWII so far. But people who have the PC version will be pleased to know that in the last day or so, Sledgehammer has released the patch which many people were waiting for. While the console versions of Call Of Duty WWII had problems, the PC version was said to have been worse. Call Of Duty WWII on PC is still a fantastic game, but it had some very annoying technical issues. Many of these have been address

Call Of Duty WW2 Xbox One X VS Ps4 Pro

If you are lucky enough to have an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4 Pro and also a copy of Call Of Duty WWII. If you purchased the physical version of the game, you will have no doubt noticed that Xbox One and PS4 Pro enhanced logo on the box. However is the console upgrade something that really makes a difference in the world of Call Of Duty WWII? The Xbox One X is the most powerful games console on the planet. The PS4 Pro is great, but the fact of the matter is when you break it all down, the Xbox

What Does Call Of Duty WWII Need?

Make It Less Grindy While Activision is great at having multiple double XP weekends during the year for each Call Of Duty. We must admit that the progression in Call Of Duty WWII can sometimes feel very grindy and slow. With the Star Wars Battlefront II debacle, we have a feeling this may be something Activision want to address. But as of right now getting XP can feel quite slow.

New Weapons Coming To Call Of Duty WW2

New Weapons Coming To Call Of Duty WW2 As the folks here at Mods R Us are massively into Call Of Duty WWII, we spend a lot of time checking Reddit and the rest of the internet for the latest news. Well, we found out something pretty cool and that is there are some pretty awesome new weapons coming to Call Of Duty WWII. There are 13 guns as well as some new melee weapons as well. The weapons that have been leaked are, Gewehr 43 Type 5 Volkstrumgewehr Beretta 38 Sten Breda 30 M1919 MG81 Arisaka Wi

Call Of Duty WW2 Mulitplayer To Be Fixed Soon

Call Of Duty is a yearlong game, the kind of game that gets updates all throughout the year and in many cases, it can even get updates when it has been replaced by a new model. Next week, Sledgehammer is bringing a fairly important update to Call Of Duty WWII and we think that the fixes/changes that are coming with this update are very interesting.

How To Level Up Faster In Call Of Duty WW2

We love Call Of Duty WWII and with the Thanksgiving Double XP Weekend here, we thought we would give you some tips on ways you can make the most of it and level up even faster! Play War Mode War Mode is already a ton of fun, but if you play it correctly, you can really rack up some major XP. By playing it correctly, we mean actually completing your objectives and not just running around killing people. War Mode can be a gold mine if you are completing objectives and picking up a win, even more

Tips For War Mode In Call Of Duty WW2

Tips For War Mode In Call Of Duty WWII War Mode is one of the best new things that Sledgehammer Games added to Call Of Duty WWII. While we wish there were a few more maps, we have had a blast with this mode and wanted to share a few basic tips with you for this mode so you can have as much fun as we are. You Have To Work As A Team We cannot think of another game mode in Call Of Duty that requires teamwork as much as War Mode. In an ideal world, you will have a headset so you can communicate with

Quickscope Mod Controllers For Call Of Duty

When you want to use this, you basically make the most out of a feature that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Simply put, a regular sniper will just look through the scope. You shoot when the crosshairs meet without actually opening up the scope and looking through it in its entirety. This is actually a very good idea and one that does provide you with some really nice benefits. You have to realize that Quickscoping an enemy does take a lot of practice and skill. But it can be done and mos

Use JumpShot To Take Out Your Opponents In Call Of Duty

What is JumpShot? Wow, JumpShot is just a ton of fun. You know how sometimes you are running around a map and you come face to face with an enemy and you just start blasting at each other? Well, JumpShot is a way to give you a real edge in situations like this. You see when you hit the shoot button, your character will start jumping.

Dropshot Mod Controllers For Call Of Duty

Now here is a situation that I am sure you can all relate to. You are running and gunning and then you come across some dude who you have in your sites and then he hits the deck and blows you away. Dropping to the deck to take someone down is something that many Call Of Duty players use. Some see it as a cheap trick, but hey it works and really it is just a strategy that many people are using.

Call Of Duty WW2 Sounds More Awesome Everyday!

While the main aspect of the story is Red Daniels and his brother who are from Texas and their experiences in the war. It has been revealed that players will also experience what it was like for a pilot from the RAF, a tank commander and even a female French resistance fighter. While the brotherly dynamic of Red and his brother as they go through the hells of war is the front and center of the story. It does sound like, Activision has really created a great cast of characters

Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox - Playstation - Pc

Grand Theft Auto V allows you to switch between all three characters on the fly once they have all been unlocked. You will need to be a certain character to do a certain mission and RockStar created a fantastic story here with three diverse characters that despite their flaws, you care about. As well as a great story, GTA V features a ton of content. There are bank heists, the stock market, scuba diving, base jumping and of course a ton of other things you can run around doing. There was also Gr

Call Of Duty WWII Is Just Fun Times!

While Infinite Warfare was not to everyone’s taste as it was too futuristic. WWII is something that many people were excited to see Call Of Duty be about again and we wanted to tell you that this excitement is well warranted. The thing is, we are not sure that it is because the game is set during WW II that makes it so much fun. We think that Sledgehammer Games have created a first person shooter that is just so much fun to actually play. The game modes here are perfect (especially the new War

Call Of Duty WW2 PC Beta Hacked

While we are all about offering you awesome modded controllers for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We, of course, love to talk about video games with you too. Well, the PC beta has been live for a short while now and there are many angry gamers posting videos on YouTube where they have been wrecked by people they are accusing of hacking the game and using some kind of aimbot.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield (2003) PC

In 2003, the Rainbow Six series would take a few steps towards falling in line more with what other console shooters were offering at the time. As crazy as it sounds, this is the first game to allow you to actually see your gun like in a regular first person shooter. Rainbow Six 3 would also be released on console, but those versions were vastly different,

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